Kampelmann Academy


Education, the way it should be.

Compared to all other countries, the USA ranks a lowly 34th in reading, science and math test scores. Seven thousand students drop out of high school every day in America. Distrust for schooling is on the rise.

You can become well educated easily when the methods used are based on results, not opinions, not guesswork. Education is a science that always works when all of the correct successful methods and principles are applied.

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Educator Training Course

Teaching is not a shot in the dark. Teaching is actually a science and you learn here many of the precise tools and techniques to make students bloom. An educator must be well trained. If you were sick, would you go to an untrained doctor?



Language Courses

Video lessons, speaking /pronunciation drills and grammar practice made with live teachers using real examples, pictures and demonstrations. You will learn to speak the language while seeing and hearing the person who is speaking to you.



Grade School through High School Education

Supplemental lessons on video from top Math, Physics, English, Biology, Geography, and History tutors.



Educational Documentaries

Stories of interest and importance, entertainment and drama.