Our Education

Internationally, the USA ranks 34th in reading, science and math test scores. Thousands of students drop out of high school every day in America. One in seven adults are considered functionally illiterate. This is a dangerous situation for the economy and for the society as a whole.

Our online academy is a solution for this.

The fact is that in the society there grew develop over the years a distrust for the current schooling. Home schooling and e-learning have enjoyed an enormous expansion in the last few decades.

Real teachers will teach on camera utilizing the most effective teaching methods. Some school subjects are tough to master but they can be broken down and understood more easily than you might realize.  The key is finding a way to relate to the material and visualize the concepts with models, demonstration, graphics and video so that the student gains a practical understanding of the information as it applies to the real world.

If a concept is giving you a hard time, you will find we can explain the fundamentals of the subject in a way that is fun and easy.  Everything will simply make sense.

Ulli Kampelmann, Master of Education from Germany, devised and employs a number of effective teaching methods garnered from her years of teaching experience combined with a thorough study of time-tested and successful techniques.

A pilot project of our online video-based schooling for refugees (www.SayHello.at) is running exceptionally well for over a year now and provides a proof of concept of Kampelmann's methods. We have countless winning students and success stories demonstrating that these methods overcome all learning problems. Online education is the modern way to supplement a student's education.

Student fail because:

  • The student doesn't understand the subject's usefulness.

  • Words are used which the student doesn't understand.

  • The student is not provided examples of the subject.

Our successful formula:

  • A student has an interest to learn a subject.

  • Our teachers clarify the purpose of the subject.

  • They take care to define unusual or unknown terminology.

  • They use pictures, models, demonstrations and real life examples to show what the subject is, how it works and how it is used in life.          

Every student is important to us. We stand ready to personally assist the students until they feel happy and confident in their understanding of each subject.

Our teaching staff consists of teachers who teach the general school curricula as well as culture/ethnic specific subjects. Though we focus on the USA, English is spoken in more than fifty countries around the world and all are welcome to subscribe.