About our Founder

About our Founder, Ulli Kampelmann


Upon completion of high school, Ulli Kampelmann was invited to attend a specialized teaching university in Halle, Germany.

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After four years of intense study and training in Pedagogy, Didactics, Methodology, Philosophy and History of Education, she earned the degree: Master of Education. 

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For her outstanding accomplishments during the first two semesters in university, she was awarded a scholarship for the remainder of studies. 

After graduation, Ulli taught in Halle, Berlin and Stuttgart.about our founder 3

She returned to university to expand her education, this time in the visual arts. Once this next phase of her education was complete she opened her own art studio in Stuttgart and built a new career creating a great many artworks for private individuals as well public artworks for cities and large pieces for coprorations. Mixing her teaching talenst with art she also became a much sought after lecturer on the subject of art. According to the Germany government, Ulli became the most successful visual artist in southern Germany. For more information please visit: www.UlliKampelmann.com and Ulli's Wikipedia page.